The education on the streets

Today, January 3rd would have been my father Hing Wa Lee's 71st Birthday but sadly he had passed away 7 1/2 years ago. He was an incredible man that came from poverty having escaped from The People's Republic of China in the 60s to the British colony of Hong Kong with the hopes to make a living and to send money back to his Mother and Siblings in China. He did not have the luxury of a formal education so He had to learn from the mean streets of Hong Kong. On these streets, there were countless people that tricked and took advantage of him when he was less experienced which made him non trusting turned self reliant. I often recalled my father as a hard man but I guess it was due to the many years of him having to be tough in this world to survive. He had the philosophy to take care his entire family because he believed no one else would if it was not family. From the education on the streets, my father learned he had to work hard because if he didn't, he would not survive. He learned that in order to accomplish goals, he had to have perseverance to not give up. And long before anyone knew to build a brand, he learned in order to build a company, he had to conduct business with integrity. He made sure all that he learned was passed down as his gift to us and as what a father should do. This was his way to show love. So i just want to say "thank you Pops for being daring, responsible, tough, hard working, with perseverance, & a man of integrity. happy birthday."

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