A great father & son team

My sister sent me this photo of my dad. It brought back so many old memories. My father was my mentor and my partner. We built the family business together. When I graduated from @uscmarshall and joined the family business in 1990, this was what his operation looked like. I remember this 125 square foot location in the heart of downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District. It wasn't an impressive store by any means but it provided a decent living for our family and allowed us to have a middle class up bring. I remember a year into joining the family business, I was trying to convince my dad to change the business model from wholesale to retail (getting out of downtown LA) and getting into selling watches (as an authorized dealer). The great thing about my father was he believed in me and supported my idea. So I took the lead to start and operate a jewelry/watch store in a new location and he began building the real estate division. It was a great partnership. The profits that I generated in the retail division, he would invest in the real estate division. Little did we know, I had developed to be a gifted retailer and he developed to be a gifted real estate investor. We were a great father & son team. The idea here is when you make money, most people's tendency would be to spend it instead of investing it. If you want to get to the next level, The wise thing to do is to let your money work for you and grow. Not only real estate but any sound investment. But many do not keep this discipline. #hingwalee #hingwaleegallery #52yearsinbusiness today. Are you my #internetapprentice Today our stores @hingwaleejewelers are 15,000 square foot in award winning buildings we built and own.

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