We all can make this place a better place

Instead of complaining what your political leaders is not doing right, why not get involved and effect some changes yourself. Like JFK said, “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country!” We all can make this place a better place. @gavinnewsom will make a good governor in my opinion because I know him personally. Media likes to spin things so you may not get all the facts unfortunately. Isn’t the best way to know a person is to know the person personally? #plumjack #winery California if was considered a country would be the fifth largest economy in the world. ? max lin

The most valuable timepiece

This #rolex #daydate president was my father's. The most valuable timepiece I own because it was left to me when my father passed away. With it carries the memories & lessons of long ago when my father was building his company since 1965 - the values that was learned - work hard, work with perseverance, and work with integrity. Before I successful acquired the Rolex franchise in 1995, my father had bought this watch 15 years prior in Hong Kong. He believed in its values and quality. He was still here to see me achieve getting the Rolex franchise and succeeding with it. Now as a Rolex dealer, I am able to help people acquire a product of value and quality. This made him proud and happy. I loved seeing my pops happy because he was tough to please. I get emotional every time I wear this watch. Miss you pops.... it's a long drive in @matteblackluxury1 but at least it's comfortable. Thanks @captainjustin33 #priceless

They eat salt more than I eat rice

I am lucky to have 2 dads-My father and my father in law. They were both good friends before they became in-laws. #drinkingbuddies They did good business together. They were both men of honor. They both put their families needs before their own. They had both gone through extreme hardship and overcame adversities to gain success. Their education was from the mean & shrewd streets of Hong Kong. Their experience was so abundant that it reminds me of the Chinese saying, "they even eat salt more than I eat rice" And I am the lucky benefactor of both their wisdom. Thank you dad whom is in heaven and my father in-law for being so great. @davidwchan HAPPY FATHER'S DAY #happyfathersday #PreciousOldPhoto #hingwalee

Enjoy your parents as much as you can while they are around

Dad's.... Growing up, you don't think much about him because we are so concerned with what we are doing ourselves. You don't realize at the time what your dad (parents) did for you to help you, to teach you, and to wish you a better life than his. I was lucky that my father was my partner in business. He was my mentor in business and in life. You can say I saw him all the time but now that he is gone (passes 8 years ago), there are so much I wanted to ask him. So much I want to know about his experiences. DON'T WAIT! Enjoy your parents as much as you can while they are around. Ask them anything and cherish what they say and what they have learned in life. That is my personal advice to you. And yeah, if you are interested to see my tribute video to my dad & his @rollsroycecars on the NEW @petrolicious video, go to my bio and click the link.

No matter what the economic condition is around us, We need to find a way to be profitable

Around this time of the year, you would hear lots of business people ask each other, “how did your business end up?” Some people would say, “Great! ” no matter how they actually did. Some people would say, “not so well because of this reason or that reason.” My philosophy is: no matter what the economic condition is around us, We need to find a way to be profitable…..I don’t believe the conditions around you (if it’s bad) must dictate an uncontrollable outcome (sales or profitability). One must always find a way no matter how the economic conditions change around them. And you can bet it will so be prepared. ????? ? @jameslipman Sidenote: @hingwaleejewelers is an authorized dealer for @Chopard #chopard #hingwaleejewelers Sidenote2: I know this is more of a Monday post but it was on my mind so I just figured to put it out there before I forget. ?

It’s hard to create a successful business but it’s even harder to maintain or grow that same business for many years

I joined my family business 27 years ago during one of the worst economic recession that America faced. I suggested to my father that we should changed the business model from jewelry wholesale to retail and to start selling watches. He agreed on the condition that I run it myself and see it through. He did not want to hear from me that it’s not working out or the business was in trouble. Failure was NOT an option. Today, @hingwaleejewelers has achieved 70 times the revenue compared to when I took command in 1992. From then to present, America has gone through a few devastating economic down turn and many major changes in our industry. Many have speculated that it was my out of the box solutions to problems or my leadership that brought our company through it all but actually what motivated me all these years was that I was NOT going to let my father down for trusting in me with the business. I was NOT going to break it and I would do whatever necessary for it to do well. It was as simple as that….. There is a saying from experienced business people, “it’s hard to create a successful business but it’s even harder to maintain or grow that same business for many years….” ? @jameslipman sidenote: #hingwaleejewelers has been in business running on its 54th year.

The education on the streets

Today, January 3rd would have been my father Hing Wa Lee's 71st Birthday but sadly he had passed away 7 1/2 years ago. He was an incredible man that came from poverty having escaped from The People's Republic of China in the 60s to the British colony of Hong Kong with the hopes to make a living and to send money back to his Mother and Siblings in China. He did not have the luxury of a formal education so He had to learn from the mean streets of Hong Kong. On these streets, there were countless people that tricked and took advantage of him when he was less experienced which made him non trusting turned self reliant. I often recalled my father as a hard man but I guess it was due to the many years of him having to be tough in this world to survive. He had the philosophy to take care his entire family because he believed no one else would if it was not family. From the education on the streets, my father learned he had to work hard because if he didn't, he would not survive. He learned that in order to accomplish goals, he had to have perseverance to not give up. And long before anyone knew to build a brand, he learned in order to build a company, he had to conduct business with integrity. He made sure all that he learned was passed down as his gift to us and as what a father should do. This was his way to show love. So i just want to say "thank you Pops for being daring, responsible, tough, hard working, with perseverance, & a man of integrity. happy birthday."

Stay Focused, Stay Driven, And Never Give Up

When I started @hingwaleejewelers retail division and got into the timepiece authorized dealer business in the 90s, it was very hard because we were right in the middle of a bad real estate recession in America. In those days, I only had my daily driver a Mazda Miata. The person that was my big inspiration for cars was Toy King Francis Choi in Hong Kong. I remember he had collected many cars including a F50. I said to myself, I am gonna work very hard and one day I will own a collection like his….. Stay Focused, Stay Driven, And Never Give Up. One day your dream to have some beautiful cars could come true….????

First time at Baselworld

The first time I went to Baselworld, Switzerland was 24 years ago in 1994. Seeing this massive and impressive @rolex booth, can you imagine that feeling? I wanted to apply for the #Rolex dealership. I was new in the retail arena having just changed my family business model from wholesale/manufacturing since 1965 to luxury retail. At that time, I did not have all the brands I represent now. As a luxury retailer, @hingwaleejewelers was not as well known in 1993. But I can tell you this, through HARD WORK, PERSEVERANCE, & INTEGRITY, and timing, I was able to achieve getting the Rolex franchise in June of 1995 and many great brands followed thereafter. #hingwaleejewelers is forever a proud official Rolex jeweler. New from #baselworld2018